Guadalajara is one of the Mexico’s most important metropolis. It offers a vast diversity of cultural, historical and leisure sites; given its geographical location, this city is surrounded by towns with the most beautiful and unforgettable natural landscapes.

Also, this city has one of the most important education and health institutions in Latin America, which places it as an ideal place to do medical tourism. This concept has been in vogue during this last decade and refers to the possibility of traveling to take on tourist activities while achieving health wellness through some surgical procedure.

The so-called "Perla Tapatia" not only has qualified professionals in different health fields, but also has first-class infrastructure: prestigious hospitals, national and international hotel chains, airport, public-private roads and highways, etc.

On the other hand, a Bariatric Surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that allows a quick recovery. During this process, it is advisable to return little by little to the daily routine and take light walks, so we suggest visiting the Guadalajara’s wonderful attractions, such as:

- Downtown
- The Cabañas Cultural Institute
- The Basilica of Zapopan

Or you can also visit some of the magical towns that are located a few kilometers from this city:

- The Riviera of Chapala
- Tequila and the agave landscape
- Puerto Vallarta

It is our pleasure to receive patients from all of Mexico’s corners and the world. So, it is also to help them, through our medical tourism service, organize all the details of an unforgettable trip that begins with the invaluable decision to change their lifestyle.