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We offer solutions for obesity problems, and we’ll be by your side to reach your weight loss goal

Gastric Bypass Mexico Crew

Gastric Bypass Mexico is a medical group located in the city of Guadalajara, experienced in the widespread of obesity and metabolic diseases surgical procedures. Our professional crew is integrated by certified Doctors and experts in Bariatric Surgery and Laparoscopy; as well as Nutritionists, Psychologists and Physical Activators. We can offer to our clients personalized and customized treatments due to our 15 years’ background.

We perform all bariatric procedures in private hospitals, using leading technology and following the highest safety and hygiene standards. Our surgical options are the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, SADI-S and the so-called duodenal switch, considered one of the most effective surgeries for people suffering from morbid obesity with a BMI greater than 50 (as a rule).

But the treatment does not end with an operation, this is only the beginning to a complete recovery. Once the surgery has been com pleted, we follow up each patient with a nutrition program and physical activation, in addition to the important psychological support to achieve the weight loss goal.


  • Minimum invasion operation.
  • Recovery in a few days.
  • Interdisciplinary follow-up.
  • Private hospital.
  • Expert medical staff.


  • Lose weight safely.
  • Improve your life quality.
  • Recover a healthy lifestyle.
  • Control over diseases related to metabolic disorders, such as Hypertension and Diabetes type 2.

The procedures we implement were selected by their effectiveness and reliability. We will never recommend treatments that don’t work


Bariatric surgeries are recommended according to each patient’s characteristics. Read the following information for the different procedures and services we offer for a full treatment:

Gastric bypass

Treatment for morbid obesity associated to Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Sleep Apnea and other comorbid disorders

Gastric sleeve

Reduction of approximately 25% of the size of the stomach, with which 50-60% of the excess weight is lost

Duodenal switch

This technique achieves up to a 70% of weight loss in the long term, improving all comorbidities


Technique that consists in a duodenal switch in which an anastomosis or intestinal union is performed

Nutritional coaching

Staged nutritional control for bariatric patients to ensure proper nutrition and weight reduction

Psychological coaching

Essential for treating the behaviors that cause obesity. Psychological counseling eases acquiring healthy habits

Medical tourism

Our coordinators will gladly help national and foreign patients with all the details of their trip when scheduling surgery